DAWNRIDER is an enormous project of Tarek "MS" Maghary, mastermind of MAJESTY. It combines a traditional Metalalbum with the variety of some of the best singers of todays Heavy Metal scene. All that, to tell a great epic fantasy story which takes place in the kingdom of Riandra. It is about the eternal fight between good and evil.

As many fans of MAJESTY know, Tarek is writing on his first fantasy novel since the release of "Sword & Sorcery" which took place  in  the year 2002. This fantasy novel, which will come out shortly happens in the same fantasic world of "Dawnrider". But the events of "Dawnrider" occur long time before that novel. There are like 100 years between them.

Off course "Dawnrider" works as a story on its own but some of its events and characters refer to the "Sword & Sorcery" novel. So the understanding of this epic world Tarek created, will be much more significant after you read the novel.