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Happy New Year 2007!
10-23-2006 This is the new DAWNRIDER page. The whole Steelpride Webdesign Team hopes you like it!



Unfortually we had to close the guestbook on  this page because of to many spam entries.
We are working very hard on a new solution for our  fans, so that they can write down their words of support for DAWNRIDER very soon again.















Finally, after nearly a year, an update of the page.
There are a lot of news going on at the moment so here is a small statement of Tarek:

"Hail my friends! Sorry that there were no news and informations about Dawnrider for so long. A lot was going on with MAJESTY so that I did not have enough time to think about the DAWNRIDER concept.
First of all I want to tell you, that I am very sorry  that the written story was not included with the CD. It was completely not my fault because the story was finished month before the release. But due to technical reasons it was not possible to include it in the booklet, which made me very angry and sad, because I wanted the fans to get a great CD package. 
I promise you, that youŽll find the whole story of part one and two in the booklet of the second part.

As a small compenstaion for all of you,  I read the story of the first song/chapter "When Our Troops Unite" and recorded it in my studio. Listen to it right here and enjoy! 

But talking about the second part, I am very proud to tell you, that some days ago I started with the preperations for it.
I already wrote down parts of the story and the firts bits of music are taking basic shape in my mind! I can already tell you now, that the second part will be an epic masterpiece with fantastic performances of many great artists which will totally blow everything else away!
Alright, thank you for your great support and see you on the road somewhere in the world!"



The first reviews of the german press are fantastic:
HEAVY: 11 (out of 12) points 
ROCK HARD: 8,5 (out of 10) points
HAMMER: 5 (out of 7)  
09-13-2005 Download the complete song "They Conquered" right here on the page.
 09-07-2005  First testversion of the DAWNRIDER Page is online.There will be a redesigned new Homepage soon.